Satan's Cemetery (1975)

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Satan's Cemetery
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Watch OnlineSatan's Cemetery (1975) : Full Movie Online Stream In the Islamic tradition, when a person is buried and the binding of their cover cloth is not released, the dead will become a ‘pocong’ ghost (mythical ghost of the dead who can jump around). Another belief is that if you have unpaid debts, a cat will jump over your dead body and you’ll become a ghost. Joyoprono, a rich landlord and a loan shark, who was greedy during his life dies when a tree falls on him. After his death, a ‘pocong’ ghost comes to the village and disturbs the peace.

Release Date:Jan 01, 1975
Production Company:
Production Countries:
Casts:Mansjur Sjah, Benyamin S., Mang Harry, Yatti Octavia, Jeffry Sani, Arman Effendy, Wolly Sutinah, Husin Lubis
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